Fiido M1 Pro Fat Review

The Fiido M1 Pro Fat is an enjoyable ride when off roading at an affordable price

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Good 4.7


The M1 is extremely enjoyable to ride off road, it is slightly heavier than other e-bikes but the motor has plenty of power to push through, it performs well on trails and other surfaces that aren’t paved, you wouldn’t use it purely for mountain biking but it can certainly handle some rougher terrains. 

The M1 only comes with a one year warranty and Fiido have started approving centres that can fix their bikes, currently there are not very many, so it would be wise to check out where the nearest one is before you buy the bike.


Weight 25kg
Motor Rear hub 250W brushless
Frame Aluminium alloy
Tire size 20” x 4.0”
Battery High-quality 36V 12.5Ah lion battery
Gears 7-Speed derailleur
Suspension Full suspension
Size when folded 96 cm x 79 cm x 45 cm
Size when unfolded 172 cm x 26 cm x 106 cm



Fiido is a Chinese based company in Shenzhen and is a new brand amongst E-bikes, they have a total of seven bikes and the M1 Pro is the only bike that has full-suspension and aimed at more off-road riding. 

With the four-inch tires, it should be more obvious that it is meant for off-roading however the wheels are only 20in instead of the typical 26 or 29in rims that you would find on a hard-tail mountain bike. 

This bike is an unexpected competitor with its ability to fold and its decent off-road goals.

Overview Performance

Even though the Fiido weighs in at 25 kg and has fat tires on, it is a shockingly vigorous bike. With the motor offering a good amount of power to thrust you up those hills and the ability to stop well with the mechanical disc brakes, it gives an enjoyable ride. It is good to note that whatever pedal assistance you use will decrease your battery level and range, so if you are tackling hills on the full assistance it will be a much shorter ride than if you pedalled alongside the motor. 

The tires offer a lot of grip when on downhill sections off roading and the fork on its softest setting gives a comfortable ride, navigating the bike when on more technical parts of trails can be difficult due to the weight of the bike. 

Motor, Battery & Range

The battery has a capacity of 12.5Ah which is bigger than your average e-bike battery that are 8.8Ah, it does take longer to charge – from empty it will take about 8-9 hours for the M1 battery pack to reach 100%, you can however, remove the battery from the bike when needing to charge it, making it easier to charge when you’re away from the bike and also to help with weight reduction. 

Fiido claim that you can get up to 100 km of range which is difficult to gain unless you are out for a weekend adventure. With the assistance though it is more realistic to look at a range of 40-60 km but you must also pedal to help this, if you are off-roading, the range will be less as the terrain is rougher and the bike needs to work harder.

Quality & Build

The M1 is a great piece of kit, but it is much bigger when it is folded down, it measures at 96 cm x 79 cm x 45 cm when folded, which is still ideal to get it in your car or on the train if you are travelling with it. The handlebars and pedals fold in too with a built-in stand under the crank that keeps the bike standing up. Sadly, there isn’t a clip to keep the wheels together but you can easily grab a bungee cord for this. 

The battery does have a larger capacity than most, but if you find that it runs out mid-ride and you are up a hill, then the weight of the bike will certainly be noticeable and will make your ride very difficult, because of the size of the battery it does take a while longer to charge than most. However, you can remove it when the bike is folded to charge separate from the bike, and this also helps with weight reduction when transporting it. 

The motor provided by Fiido is a 250W brushless part from XiongDa with a 7-speed Shimano cassette and 52-tooth chainring so that you have the ability to change into a range of gears when riding on or off road. 

With the power it is more abrupt on its delivery as it uses a cadence sensor instead of a torque sensor. The bike can reach a max speed of 19 mph but this must only be used when using the bike for off-road riding as the EU law is 15.5 mph for on the road – this is something that isn’t in the manual but when contacting Fiido, they do explain how to achieve this.

The bike has mechanical disc brakes which give great stopping power, an integrated front light and horn, but only has a rear reflector, so it would be advisable to attach a back light if you are using this bike for night riding. 

The forks on the bike make off-roading a little more comfortable, the front fork is unbranded with 55 mm of travel, adjustable rebound and a lockout function, whereas the rear shock is from Ke Zhen and can give up to 35 mm of travel. 

Special Features

LCD Display – It is a compact display found on the bike that shows your speed, assistance mode you are using, battery level and an odometer. There is a throttle on the right hand side of the handlebars which comes with a warning sticker following the EU laws, however it is hard to distinguish when you are producing above 9 Nm of torque so it is best to not use the throttle if you are unsure. 

Warranty & Customer Support

Review Overview
Good 4.7
Our Rating 4.7 out of 5
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