What is the best folding e-Bike in 2022?

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With the ever changing market of e-bikes it is hard to keep up with them, in this we will tackle the research and find out what is the best folding e-bike in 2022.

A folding e-bike is the perfect answer to commuters that integrate train travel, with the ability to fold your bike you are not worrying about booking a bike slot with your ticket, getting in the way of other passengers or struggling to carry it up and down the stairs at stations. However, commuters are not the only people who can take advantage of folding e-bikes, they’re perfect for those who live in the city in small houses or apartments, when it’s folded away they take up little space and can be kept safe.

At a glance:

Choosing the best folding e-bike for you

The main thought with folding bikes and folding e-bikes is how small and heavy will it be when it is folded. A lot of companies choose to have smaller diameter wheels, 20in is the most popular chosen size and gives a suitable compromise between speed, comfortability and overall size when the bike is folded down. If you are looking for a more comfortable ride then opting for bigger wheels will be best but it is good to note down that if you choose this it will make the bike a lot bulkier when it is folded. Smaller wheels are better for storage as it makes the bike more compact but can result in an unstable and uncomfortable ride.

If you are looking at a folding bike it is possible that you are needing to carry it during your commute so weight will play a big part in your choice especially with a folding e-bike where you need to consider the weight of the battery and the motor.

You will need to think about the length of your journey and as well, if there are any hills on your trip as having an e-bike with gears could be beneficial to you.

Finally, you need to decide how often you will actually use your e-bike, will it be something to use all year, or just in the warmer seasons? This means you will have to think about integrated lights and if they run off the battery that the e-bikes motor runs off, also mudguards to keep you clean and dry.

What is my budget?

Due to the cost of a battery and motor, plus the ability to fold your bike, folding e-bikes are more expensive than your regular bike. The basic level electric-assist bikes can be less than £1,000 and if you are using this occasionally or for short journeys this is possibly all you need to spend. If you do want more comfort, integrated features and more range you will need to spend a bit more, and folding e-bikes can go up to as much as £4,000.


The MiRider One has a quirky design, a thick frame and good specs, with it only being priced at £1,795 it is very good value for your money. The frame integrates the battery and the bike also has rear suspension to compensate for those bumpier rides with the smaller 16in wheels.

The 36V, 7Ah battery has Samsung cells and the wheels are of high quality Schwalbe Green Compound Road Cruiser tyres the bike is starting to look attractive for its price. It has a 250W motor in the rear wheel which gives assistance of 15 mph with the control mounted onto the handlebar where you can choose the type of assistance you need (there are 5), as well as the thumb throttle for if you need an extra boost.

The lowest level of assistance offers the maximum range but you may find that you will use the higher assistance levels because of the bike having no gears and then you will have to charge more often. The MiRider has a noticeable weight of 18 kg and can be difficult when carrying the bike when folded, but you can partially fold the bike and push it along to save your arms.

Key Specs – Weight: 17.7 kg; Motor: 250W (rear); Range: Up to 45 miles; Number of gears: 1

The Brompton has been very popular in the folding bike category, they are British designed and have been the choice for many commuters with the range now including folding e-bikes.

The frame used is the same that is used on the standard bike as it is one of the better folding frames that are available, when it is completely folded down the chain is located in the middle saving you from getting oily marks on your clothes when you are transporting it.

The 16in wheels that are chosen by Brompton to be used on this bike may not provide a soft ride but it does have slight suspension on the rear frame and the main frame making those bumps a little easier to manage.

The electric Brompton is similar to the standard Brompton as it has the same frame design, this then shows where the motor and battery would be, because of this it makes the design less stylish, the 250W motor is mounted on the front wheel hub and the 8.55Ah lithium-ion battery that fits in a bag and mounted to the front of the bike.

Key Specs – Weight: 16.6 kg (two-speed), 17.3 kg (six-speed); Motor: Brompton (front); Range: 25-50 miles; Number of gears: 2 or 6

The ADO 16+ is a great folding e-bike and is very affordable, it includes integrated lights, mudguards and a kickstand. The bike also has front suspension forks, mechanical disc brakes that offers a more comfortable ride and also gives you good stopping power.

The 350W hub motor and a 36V 7.6Ah battery offers strong power that can get you up to speed with the assist allowing you to tackle those steeper hills if you have any on your commute. The aluminium frame and the entirety of the bike weighs under 21 kg so it is the heavier option out of the 3. It has a quick release clamp and safety lever to ensure that when the bike is folded it stays folded and doesn’t open up whilst travelling, you just need to be careful of the mudguards as these can break if they’re folded unnaturally. The Ado is not approved for road use as it has an electric horn and throttle grip which can turn the e-bike into a moped, so it is best to use this on pavements.

The e-bike has sprung air shock absorption on the front and rear offering a really comfortable ride for if you have to tackle any gravel roads or bumpy ones. There is an integrated LED headlight with an on-board computer that has a display that is easy to see, this shows the speed, range of the battery and the assist level that it is on.

Key Specs – Weight: 21 kg; Motor: Hall Brushless DC Motor; Range: 22 miles; Number of gears: Shimano 7-Speed

*Note – All prices are checked on the 19/11/2022, the prices may varies.

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