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Diana Kynaston
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Review Overview

This bike is a simple but smart e-bike that is out, suitable for urban riding and city commuters but due to the gear limitations it wouldn’t be suitable for rural riding. The Cowboy 3 is fantastic with it’s app and the security it offers, in a world where smartphones and devices are essential getting notifications to show you if your bike has moved and having access to real-time GPS is a smart move from the company.

Great for commuting with its integrated lights and the 5 LEDs that show you the levels of your battery, but this isn’t something to worry about as you can remove the battery pack and get a full charge within 2.5 hours, much less than some competitors on the market.

A reliable solution to cutting down on pollution, avoiding public transport and being eco-friendly, the app also offers information about the pollution hot-spots and where to avoid, altering your route if you want to be kinder to your lungs.

Cowboy 3 Bike Specification

Weight 18kg (M-L)
Features Drivetrain: Gates belt drive with 63t chainring and 22t sprocket
Available sizes M-L
Brakes Tektro HD-R310 hydraulic brakes with HD-M285 levers
Fork 6061 aluminium
Frame 6061 aluminium
Grips/Tape Lock-on grips
Handlebar 540mm wide 15mm rise alloy
Motor Cowboy custom 30Nm/250W rear hub motor with 360Wh/10Ah removable battery
Saddle Cowboy
Tires 42mm wide Cowboy-custom puncture resistant
Wheels J25D 27.5 alloy rims

Overview Performance

The Cowboy 3 comes with front and rear lights, these light up automatically but via the app you can turn them off, this is ideal for visibility and good to be seen at night but to be able to see in front of you it would be best to fit a proper headlight so that you can see whilst riding. When you brake the rear light pulses so it is safer for people to distinguish.

There is a Gates carbon belt drive which is suited for commuting as it means it is little effort to keep it clean and it uses no oil that will make you dirty. The belt has a lifespan of 30,000km meaning you do not have to worry so much about it breaking.

The saddle is comfortable and there is no need to wear padded shorts, meaning you can ride to work in your work clothes and not worry about how comfortable you are.

Battery & Range

The range that Cowboy claims is 70km however taking into account hills and the steepness of them this can vary between 24m and 31m. If you are on flatter terrain in the city then the 70km would possibly be achieved as you will stay under the legal speed limit of 15.5mph.

The charger is nice and compact allowing it to be packed up, you can remove it by using the key included so you can charge it at your desk, you will reach full charge in less than 2.5 hours.

Quality & Build

The handling is quick thanks to the steep steering angle on the Cowboy, the fixed-gear style narrow riser bar makes the bike more reliable on navigating through traffic or narrow paths. The lock-on grips are soft and thicker in material than the previous model which is more suited as the rider position is lower with the drop handlebars.

This bike is available in a M-L to suit riders between 5ft 5in and 6ft 4in.

Bike Size M-L
Chainstay (cm) 48.5
Seat tube (cm) 59
Top tube (cm) 57
Stack (cm) 56
Reach (cm) 40

Cowboy 3 Special Features

  • Easy Rider Plus – Cowboy’s subscription-based program, at £120 per year. It gives you warnings if your bike has been moved when you’re not near it, notifying you and offering you live tracking. It includes fully comp insurance against theft where you can scan the police report, fill out a form all via the app and when it has been approved by Cowboy they will send a replacement bike out to you. Insurance against injury and damage is also included alongside customer support and mobile repair services.
  • Cowboy’s App available on iOS and Android is a key element. All you need to do is download the app, set up an account and then scan the QR code on the bike’s frame to add it to your account. The security is a benefit as the bike locks when you and your phone are away from it, as there are no buttons on the bike the electric assist is immobilised. There is a key that you can unlock the bike with if you lose or break your phone as long as you replace the key after 20 seconds it will be ready to ride.
  • It has a ‘find my bike’ function with GPS tracking as the bike comes with a built-in SIM card so that if it is stolen you can see its location. The App also allows real-time map and turn-by-turn navigation, it is ideal to get a phone mount to use this because you will also be able to see the distance, battery levels and range.
  • Five LEDs – these are flush in the top tube and display the battery charge level via these lights.

Cowboy 3 Warranty & Customer Support

  • It is worth getting the Easy Rider Plus scheme if you are to be commuting everyday £120 per year.
  • 2 years starting from the delivery of the product, this covers:
    • All original components against defects in workmanship and materials


Review Overview
Rating 3.4 out of 5
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