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Diana Kynaston
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Eskute Netuno Rating
Average 4.2


The Eskute Netuno is aimed at the lower end of the market, which is best suited up to a blue trail although it is advertised as being able to handle trails such as dirt, gravel and road but it doesn’t perform well on these.

The bike does sacrifice a few of the more expensive components but they have chosen to use the Shimano 7-speed set although this is more used in city or urban environments. 

The LED display is based on the stem, it’s an ideal position for the screen and different to other competitors, however it is difficult to use as you can glide through the power levels easily and have to press for each one, which means having to take a hand off the handlebars. 

The motor – as spoken about further down – isn’t the quickest when needing the higher pedal assistance or even when going back down a few levels, it takes a few strokes to get it going and you do have to go a few cranks for it to slow back down again. The battery is hidden nicely in the downtube and the level is indicated on the LED display so that you are aware when you are running low on juice.

With it being designed to be a mountain bike, it isn’t like a hardtail is, it’s not very responsive nor nimble, with the bike only coming in one size it can be too big for shorter riders and a lot of people will be stretched out, this means that you don’t feel as in control of the bike as you would want too if you were riding a mountain bike.


Weight 23.4kg
Motor Bafang GO20.250.D hub motor 45Nm
Battery Samsung 36V 14.5Ah – total capacity of 522Wh
Brakes Zoom DB-330/331
Fork Steel sprung, Zoom 525 AMS-27.5
Frame Aluminium alloy
Gears 7-speed derailleur, 14-28 tooth sprocket, 40 tooth chainring
Saddle Eskute
Pedals Wellgo alloy
Tires Kenda K1027 f 27.5” x 2.10” 

Motor, Battery & Range

The Eskute Netuno comes with a Bafang rear hub motor rated at 45 Nm of torque, this provides five power assistance levels and also differ in speed, the level one assistance giving out at only a few miles per hour up to level five that allows you to cruise along nicely against the legal assisted maximum speed of 15.5 mph. 

Levels four and five have strong acceleration when the power has kicked in, however it does take a while for it to work when you have started pedalling and also takes a while to stop, against other bikes this is a small disappointment. 

Eskute boast that their bike can achieve 65 miles range, however you must consider that this would be with no power assistance and no uphill climbs. The bike does give a good 37 miles range when used on a few trails and hilly paths, when the battery is getting low the icon flashes to allow you to focus on getting home.

The battery has had an upgrade from their previous bike to a 522 Wh which gives the extra range on this bike, it is a frame integrated battery and locks in the top of the downtube without any rattles whilst riding. 

Quality & Build

With the Eskute Netuno being a budget trail bike, the build and the components are suitable for its purpose, it has brakes suitable enough to stop the bike when needed, gear shifts that are quick and tires that are useful on bumpier trails. 

The brakes are Zoom mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors, they provide very effective braking and when squeezed hard they provide immediate stopping power. With the brakes being the cheaper option it is easy to assume they won’t be up to the job, but these live above and beyond our expectations. 

The frame is made of aluminium alloy and is more of a hybrid style than the typical mountain bike geometry. The frame is one size which measures in at 19” with a longer seatpost to help taller riders be comfortable, however due to the position of the handlebars it could be difficult for shorter riders. 

Special Features

Comes with a hardwired front LED light that is perfect for night time riding or going through tunnels, the rear light is battery powered but is also there for your benefit and those around you. 

Eskute have provided a clear coloured LCD display which shows the speed, battery capacity and power level – there is an app you can download which can provide a few extra measurements. 

Due to the shape of the display it means the handlebars are in a more sporty riding position rather than the comfortable upright position, which may be uncomfortable for shorter riders due to the bike being ‘one size’ 

The display comes with two buttons, the on/off button and the power mode for which you can select the assistance level you require, it does however only allow you to change power level one at a time which can be a nuisance when riding.

Eskute Netuno Rating
Average 4.2
Criteria 4.2 out of 5
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