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GoCycle was founded by Richard Thorpe who started as an engineer in Formula 1 for McLaren designing the G3 GoCycle 10 years ago.

The single-sided frame and fork, small wheels covering smart electronics and the full-carbon fork and carbon mid-section help to keep it light whilst committing to the ability to fold the G4.

Since the G3 it has had an updated motor with more power, an app for the bike as well as mudguards and lights now included.


  • Clever Design
  • Fantastic ride
  • Looks good
  • Has an App
  • Fast Charging


  • Expensive

Our Verdict

This bike has a single-sided design meaning it can fold compact and with the stub axles on it you don’t need to remove a wheel to fix a puncture but this would be unlikely due to the tyres being toughened and over two inches in width.

The rear-end swingarm swivels at the bottom of the bracket and is suspended away from the mainframe by a one inch travel shock, this is made from magnesium alloy and is a structural part of the bike.

It is a clean design with the GoCycle’s hydraulic disc brakes which both have rotor covers on, the braking is fantastic with great stopping power and comfortable levers ideal for if you are commuting in traffic.

It has a three-speed Shimano Nexus hub gear which is perfect for suburban and urban riding, with the ability to use the low gears and climb steep hills, the top gear allowing you to get good speeds.

Bike Specification


17.6kg (One-size only)


Extras: GoCycle folding pedals, G4 front light, G4 rear light, front and rear mudguards, twin kickstand




GoCycle 20×2.25in




Shimano Nexus 3-speed grip shifter

Seat post

GoCycle alloy


GoCycle G4c Velo saddle


GoCycle 250W G4Drive with traction control, integrated dashboard, Lithium 36v 300Wh internal battery, fast charger


Integrated bar/stem folding with LED dashboard

Available sizes

On-size only


GoCycle Ergo grips


Hydroformed 6061 alloy, carbon, and magnesium








GoCycle hydraulic disc


GoCycle G4 magnesium pitstop

GoCycle G4 eBike Battery & Range


There isn’t a torque output for the G4 but the power output ranges from 20Nm up to 70Nm, with this and the small wheels it feels a lot quicker than some of the other best selling electric bikes and perfect for city riders. The tyres are big with great suspension and traction control so if you are wanting to do some more rural riding it will handle those rougher surfaces but not trails.


The range is expected to be up to 40 miles but some people have only ever managed to get just over 33 miles, this can all depend on how hilly your area is as it will need more power to get you around, if you are commuting in a flat city though it would be ideal for the commute and has a charge time of three hours.

Quality and Build

It may be a quick bike but it is very stable, with a 1,065mm wheelbase (full-length), a 70-degree head angle and a relaxed 68-degree seat angle with the ability to extend the telescopic seatpost means that the saddle-to-bar distance increases so that you are not scrunched up whilst riding.

With it being able to fold down to the size of 830x370x750mm it can fit into a compact car but you wouldn’t be able to stash it under your desk at work/at home and would need a designated space for this that is secure.


The GoCycle has an updated motor that provides more power than the G3 did, as it isn’t a ‘hands-on’ system you do need to ensure that the bike’s programming and speed/cadence monitoring are working so that it can judge the power that you need. There is a button that is mounted on the bar that allows you to get a boost if you are going uphill or if you are road cycling and need some extra speed at the traffic lights, this is a button that overrides the assistance.

GoCycle has its own app that you can tune the bike to your needs, it has a comprehensive display that shows you the average power that bike is producing but also the average power you produce, a little bonus is it shows you how much fuel you are saving by not driving.

Two different length seat post extensions so that you can share the bike without the need of worrying if it is too big for one person or the other.

Frame Size

 One Size
Seat angle (degrees)68<
Head angle(degrees)70
Bottom bracket height(mm)275
Wheelbase (mm)1065

GoCycle G4 Warranty & Customer Support

  • Warranty
  • Two years for the battery
  • Two years for the components
  • Three years for the frame

Where to buy GoCycle G4?

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