NewGen 345 e-Bike Review

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NewGen 345 e-Bike Rating

All the versions of the NewGen e-bikes are designed and built in the United Kingdom, offering the combined look and lifestyle of a motorbike with the ease and accessibility of a bike.

The 345-E is the basic version of the NewGen bikes and is great for short rides for groceries or if you have a commute that isn’t too tasking, the 345 however has the extra features needed for a more demanding bike especially if you’re commuting to and from work with more distance between or tackling some hills. The 345-S however is not a road legal bike in the UK, it comes with a throttle that can get you to a top speed of 25 mph, so this bike is best used when off-roading on trails or leisurely rides that need a bit of a boost.

Bike Specification

345 – E 345 345 – S
Motor 250W 250W 750W
Battery 36V 36V 48V
Top Speed 15.5 mph 15.5 mph 23 mph
Weight 32 kg 32 kg 32 kg
Max Load 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg
Brakes Tektro Mechanical Magura MT Trail Magura MT Trail
Gears Single-Speed Shimano 8-Speed Shimano 8-Speed
Integrated Lights Rear Front + Rear Front + Rear

Overview Performance


NewGen 345 eBike Speed

The speed for the 345 are very similar apart from the 345-S which has a top speed of 23mph, this isn’t a road legal speed for e-bikes in the UK so this would have to be used off the road as it also comes with a throttle.

The 345-E and 345 both have a top speed of 15.5mph which is a decent speed for commuting and doesn’t make you too slow if you are using roads to travel on.

NewGen 345 eBike Battery & Range

All 3 versions of the bikes come with a removable battery pack made with Samsung cells and boast a good range for the bikes. The 345-E can get 15-20 miles, the 345 can get 40-50 miles and the 345-S can get 30-40 miles; all really good range for the types of bikes they are and also for the types of riders that may be looking at buying one.

NewGen 345 eBike Quality & Build

On the 345 and the 345-S there are Shimano 8-speed gears and Magura MT Trail hydraulic brakes to offer a great stopping power and the ability to tackle any hills or steep climbs you may come across.

The frame to all 3 bikes is made of high-quality aluminium which is lightweight, rust-resistant and can carry up to 120kg, the battery is removable making it easier to charge when working and the power is a Bafang high performance motor that gives 250W of street legal power and 5 levels of pedal assist. The 345-S has a 750W motor with a throttle that cannot be used on the roads in the UK.

On the 345 and 345-S the suspension is adjustable along with the adjustable seat to help give you a more comfortable ride and the 4” Monster Kenda tyres to keep the ride smooth over any bumps.

The 345-E has Tektra brakes, single speed and only the rear light, whereas the 345 and 345-S has the Shimano 8-speed gears, suspension and integrated lights in the front and rear.

NewGen 345 eBike Special Features

  • You can add air suspension to the S model for an extra £240, or upgrade the seat to leather for £290.
  • On the E model, you can upgrade to the coil suspension for £120, and upgrade the gears from single speed to the Shimano 8-speed for £220.

NewGen 345Warranty & Customer Support

NewGen warranty covers the standard 345 and the 345-S.

  • 2 years for the frame and fork
  • 2 years for the electrics including battery and motor

Any modifications will void the warranty

Where to buy NewGen 345?

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1 image NewGen 345-E View on NewGen Site

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NewGen 345 e-Bike Rating
Criteria 4.5 out of 5
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