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The VanMoof was launched in 2009 by two Dutch brothers Taco and Tiers Carlier, they wanted to design stylish and urban commuter bikes and their designs have been award-winning and they have taken this into the new era of bikes – electric bikes, with the S3.

The top tube that reaches out across the head tube and past the seat-tube junction whilst integrating the front and rear lights are VanMoof’s signature designs but this goes up a level with the 504Wh battery is within the frame and built into the front wheel is the 250W motor.

A 4-speed electronic auto-shifting rear hub, security and display are all integrated into the top tube, making the S3 a strong contender against electric hybrid bikes.
The bike itself is suitable for riders between 5ft 8in and 6ft 8in with 28in wheels, VanMoof’s X3 is smaller and has a compact frame with 24in wheels which is more suited for riders who are 5ft to 6ft 5in with 24in wheels.


  • Fantastic range
  • Affordable
  • Clean and Smooth ride


  • Pedals are not grippy
  • Auto-gear shift not reliable

Our Verdict

The VanMoof is a fantastic bike to ride, the battery range on it gives you great reliability that you will not feel as though travelling a distance will cause you any trouble. The support coincides with the effort you are pedalling at and is smooth so you don’t feel the transition, there is also a turbo button to help give you a boost when needed. The complete package is prestigious with the tools and accessories you will need, this includes a fast charger which not only charges both the internal batteries but also the PowerBank at the same time. The Sturmey-Archer 4-speed auto shifter can be unreliable and the pedals are below average with how slippy they are. With the grip-tape inserts not providing enough grip especially if you are riding in drier weather where shoe grip shouldn’t be an issue. Other than the two gripes, this bike does everything you need it too.

Bike Specification

Weight21kg (One size) – plus 3.8kg for the Power Bank

Gears: Four-speed electronic auto-shift Sturmey Archer rear hub

Mudguard: VanMoof front and rear

Lights: Integrated front and rear

Pedals: Platform pedals

Available SizesOne size
BrakesVanMoof hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm front/140mm rear rotor
HandlebarOne-piece VanMoof bar/stem with integrated ergonomic grips
MotorElectric motor system VanMoof 250W front hub motor with LG 504Wh internal battery, (optional range- extending Power Bank 378Wh battery)
SaddleVanMoof saddle
Seat postAllow
StemOne-piece VanMoof bar/stem
TyresSchwalbe Big Ben puncture protected 50c
WheelsVanMoof 28in anodised aluminium rims and stainless steel spokes

Overview Performance

The bike frame is perfect for those at the taller side of the ideal height for this bike, the riding position is upright with a pleasant saddle that isn’t too squishy. The ride is stable but smooth and the Schwalbe tyres have plenty of grip even in wet weather with the rough-road volume lessened.

The S3 is a fantastically affordable bike, looking at it and riding it you would expect it to be a lot more money than it’s RRP, with a great frame, smooth ride, long range and pleasant to look at, at less than £2,500 it is a bargain.

With the motor being position in the front hub it may seem like an unlikely choice as a lot of the S3’s rivals have them mid-mounted or even at the rear-hub, although it does it’s job, the handling and steering are not affected whilst the bike pulls you along and is useful up any tricky hills.

Vanmoof S3 eBike Battery & Range

The S3 is a great commuter for those who are travelling a bigger distance as the range is impressive, if you do not use the Power Bank you can certainly get the most out of it, but if you did use it you gain an extra 378Wh of power which in comparison to the standard 504Wh should get you an extra 100 miles. The charge time being 4-hours means that you can have this charge whilst working and not worry about your trip home.

Vanmoof S3 eBike Special Features

  • Power Bank with an extra 378Wh of power
  • Integrated systems:
    • Automatic gear-shifting: the gears can seem slow to change if you are on a descent and hard to keep up with your pedalling and going uphill the gear seems to last longer than if you were manually changing gears. You can adjust the gear changes via the custom settings within the VanMoof’s app.
  • LED Display:
    • Found on the top tube of the S3 it shows your speed and also via the individual lights shows the level of charge with an accurate reading of how much power is left.
  • The ability to lock the bike:
    • To lock the bike, when you are parking up you need to align the marks on the frame and the rear hub, you then need to use your foot to kick the button on the rear non-drive side dropout, this will lock the bike and the rear wheel will not to be able to move, it kicks in the in-built alarm which also works with the app you can install on your phone to keep track of your bike.
    • You can unlock the bike via your smartphone or input a 3-digit code
  • App controlled lights

Vanmoof Warranty & Customer Support

There are not a lot of VanMoof stores in the UK as of yet, although each new VanMoof bicycle frame is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for 3 years and all original components are guaranteed for a period of 3 years from the date of delivery.

Where to buy Vanmoof S3?

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